How to Survive Duke of Edinburough

Exactly how I felt…

Over Tea & Biscuits

Well hello there,

As the majority of you will know, Duke of Edinburgh is a programme which you can take as bronze, silver, and for the brave ones of you, gold. The award consists of getting involved in volunteer work, taking up a physical activity, and participating in a skill which can be anything from playing a musical instrument to collecting train tickets, probably. This is done over a number of months, depending on which award you are taking. And finally, last but by no means least (ahem) the anticipated expedition, which we must say we thoroughly enjoyed. *sarcasm*

This bit is going to make you think of us as complete, pathetic weaklings but you may be able to empathise with us once you hear out stories. Although we have only just done our bronze…yes bronze…we have decided that it was challenging enough to post a blog ranting about the…

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