Words can literally not describe my complete joy and excitement. asdfjhdjfhsdfkjhdflakjsdf (According to danisnotonfire that is TRUE internet slang) <——this is how I feel right now. I mean wow, I know that there is no real purpose to this little post, no argument or essays (like those to come) but what the hey…it is Vampire Weekend. Oh lordy, I think I will cry when I see them- well that’s one more thing to tick off of my bucket list (next is Beyonce!) but never fear it isn’t like I am old yet- although I am closer to 30 than to 10….

But vampire weekend, they manage to balance great music with lyrics that aren’t always about sex, bitches, money, drinking and/or partying (which, very unfortunately is what most popular songs are about now e.g. Miley Cyrus‘ absolutely abominable new song, every Nick Minaj song and most Flo Rida songs- anyone notice how he just sings in a monotone?) . Although I can’t say that I understand all of their songs, most of them mean something to me in their own way (going deep) and their videos don’t have half naked women prancing around men, which is more than I can say about Robin Thicke who has basically created a porn video.


I don’t like them just because they seem a little intelligent and don’t flow with the status quo (rhyming genius, yes yes), it’s because their music is just- I can’t describe it, it’s that good. The drums in Cape Kwod Kwassa Kwassa are magic, the base in Campus is eargasmic and the vocals in just about every song is ahsdkfkadfdkjf.

So yeah just a little excitement from me, so sorry about the really bad grammar….

Hasta luego

And here is a little picture


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