About the Blog and Me

Welcome to the Big Blog! So in this blog, I have amalgamated different blogs in to one- The Big Blog (what an ingenious name 😉 ). While I thought this was a good idea, my wonderful mother begged to differ: she thought it would be too disorganised and said no one would read it unless it was targeted at specific people. Then a miracle arrived- I FOUND YOU COULD MAKE CATEGORIES (yeah so I’m a computer whizz). So now the Big Blog is here….we (will) have articles from Stalin’s Great Purges and why Hurricane Katrina was so devastating to how to bake macarons and how amazing Vampire Weekend are.

And me….

Well there isn’t really much to say about me, I think that I am a pretty normal person (although my friends tell me differently). I do normal things….eat (a lot), sleep, do homework, spend hours mindlessly on the Internet and I talk a lot- yep that’s about it!


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The One Where We Deal With Just About Everything (Note the Friends Pun)

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