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Summer Food Project: The Mother Sauces

So I was sitting in my comfy beanbag looking out in to the world from my window (okay I was on the internet…) when I realised that I should probably do something more worthwhile with my life. So I thought about things I am passionate about (food), something that I would like to do more (eat)—and even though it seems pretty obvious there, it took my brother to glamourise the world of food and cooking (actually it’s already glamorous, it don’t need no glamourising) and for me to suddenly be like:

my idol

I love cooking and food (I am a food nerd) so I’ve decided to become a bit more fancy and dive in to French cuisine and where better to start than with the “Mother Sauces“-isn’t that the best name ever? These sauces were designated by the roi des cuisiniers et cuisinier des rois  (with an equally awesome name) Auguste Escoffier . These sauces are the primary colours of cooking and there are five of them:

1) Béchamel Sauce– the simplest of the sauces, used in lasagne etc.

2)Velouté Sauce– basically thickened  white/light stock (fish, chicken, veal stock etc.) and it is used to create other sauces, not normally on its own

3) Espagnole Sauce– similar to velouté but it is thickened brown/ thick stock (made with roasted bones/heads/other yucky stuff) and it has tomato purée and mirepoix (onions, carrots and celery) which gives it a richer taste.

4)Hollandaise Sauce– my favourite sauce (it’s basically tangy buttery heaven and it goes with anything), made with liquid or clarified  butter and egg yolks- plus lemons for that tanginess and pepper

5) Tomato Sauce– it doesn’t require much explanation, but it tastes better with some stock or wine when made 🙂

So now I have bored you with my food nerdity and I will chronicle my journey on tackling these babies

Hasta la vista, baby (classic Arnie)

Wowow reading through this just made me realise how much I like brackets (here we go again)(well they are quite practical and less confusing to read than commas)(Grammatikmeisterin over here)(look it up if you cannot deduce the Deutsch)(Okay I’m going to stop now, it’s addictive)- got carried away with the hyperlinks too, forgive me mes amis

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